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Vocation Direction Program

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To prepare for Cenacle life and ministry, a woman is helped in attaining her own integration and religious identity by the Cenacle Formation Program. The program provides personal formation through on-going spiritual direction, individualized plans of study and supervised experiences. The nature of her apostolate demands continuing formation throughout her life.

A woman interested in the Cenacle life receives personal direction and preparation before her acceptance to the pre-novitiate. This period prepares her for formal entrance to the novitiate which usually lasts for two years.

Requirements for admission include the following general norms:

  • A sense of being called by God
  • Enthusiasm for the Congregation’s service for the Church
  • A genuine desire to accept and cooperate with the formation offered
  • Freedom from family or financial obligations
  • Sufficient physical capacity
  • Psychological and emotional balance
  • The capacity for healthy interpersonal relationships in community life and in the ministry
  • Experience in assuming responsibility
  • The completion of a college degree or the equivalent in education

A heart is liberated to love only because she has been loved.

A vocation direction program is offered either at the Cenacle or in other places arranged between the vocation directress and interested groups. Any young woman interested in considering her own future directions, and at the same time, learning something about Cenacle life, is welcome to join this program. It includes talks/seminars, life direction retreats, vocation discernment retreats and ongoing spiritual direction. Personal prayer, reflection and individual consultation are essential parts of these programs.