‘To enter the Cenacle is to enter the heart of God.’ – Pope Paul VI

I heard about the Cenacle sisters while I was in Singapore and had encountered one who gave a talk once. But it was only when I was in Manila and was really looking for a spiritual companion that I had the courage to make a call for an appointment to see a Cenacle sister.

Having a guide on my journey gave me space to explore questions about my life’s direction. One of the questions that I knew I had been wanting to avoid and run away from, was whether I was called to consecrated life. I had felt restless when my attraction to consecrated life was left unaddressed and I knew it was something I had to explore. It took me some growing up and courage before I could talk about this with my spiritual companion and to eventually explore religious life in the Cenacle. I saw how I was helped to grow in my relationship with myself, with others and with God through the Cenacle, and how growth is something I believe each person is constantly called to.

As I continue to journey in and with the Cenacle sisters, I begin to appreciate more deeply what the Cenacle meant for me as well as for others. 

Sr. Xiao Wei

Currently assigned overseas