What Do We Do?

The Religious of the Cenacle is an international Congregation founded in France, whose distinctive spirituality blends the mystery of Mary in the Cenacle, the charism of the founders (Fr Stephen Terme and St Theresa Coudere), and the Ignatian influence.

Originally founded to respond to the needs of a people whose faith was tested by the French revolution, the congregation continues the work of their founders by responding to the spiritual needs of the people of our times. Through the giving of Retreats and Individual Spiritual Accompaniment,  the Sisters provide the heartspace and opportunity for a quiet and contemplative atmosphere to prayer and reflection in which God meets and transforms lives.

The Cenacle has always been regarded as a place where people seek a deeper relationship with God, providing e a rich variety of retreats, seminars, workshops and other spiritual programmes for:

* women and men
* lay and religious
* single and married
* Catholic and other denominations

In addition, the Sisters are also in faith formation of parishes such as RCIA, Youth outreach, in the pastoral care of migrants, in the various programmes of church organisations in the Archdiocese.