The Religious of the Cenacle is an international religious congregation working for the transformation of the world by awakening and deepening faith with and for the people of our times. Wherever we are, we give our word to God and each other to continue our search to live in the society of today.

We believe that our world has an urgent need for an incarnated spirituality, which engages with the joys and hope, the cares and fears of all people.

We work to enable people to discover and live this truth - that God is actively present in the world and therefore, all of life is filled with meaning. It is a holistic spirituality that connects life, faith and culture, one that respects the inter-relatedness of the whole of creation.

We accompany and support others as they search for meaning and direction in life, as they explore relationships with self, others, the world and God, as they discover what it means to live a fuller, more loving and responsible life.

Our Vision & Mission