We are thankful for your support and love throughout these years. We wouldn't have come this far without your accompaniment. 

While the harvest is plenty, let us pray for more vocation particularly in the Cenacle:

​Remember your mother, 
O Lady of the Cenacle,
who persevered in prayer 
with the disciples and the women
and draw into the Cenacle of today
those who wish to give themselves to You
in a life of loving service.

Women who will follow your call 
to a spiritual ministry
with firm purpose of mind and heart
finding in your will, day by day,
their fulfillment and their joy.


Tradition kept over generations:

We celebrate the occasions with decorations, prayer services and festive dinners with the immediate families of Sr. Amy and Sr. Kriz on the eves of their profession of perpetual vows.

“From the Lord’s fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”       John 1:16

This is the refrain  in the hearts of the Cenacle Sisters in Asia as we remember and rejoice at the generosity, faithfulness and goodness of our God.  This year, we celebrate THREE milestones:

Profession of Perpetual vows of Sr. Amy Li Xiaowei in the chapel of St. Patrick's School on September 10,

Combined celebration of 25 years of Cenacle presence in Singapore, and the Profession of Perpetual vows of Sr. Christine (Kriz) Lam in the Church of Holy Family on Oct 15.

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Behind The Scenes