Spend eight or five days of quiet prayer and solitude with God in a sanctuary of peace in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  A Spiritual Director will accompany you as you journey into your own heart and into the heart of God. 
This quality time with God will be spent in “listening” to God’s voice – through His words, movements in your heart, the wonders of nature and in the silence. The retreat hopefully would help you be in touch with that One Love we all desire – God!

We make a myriad of decisions everyday, whether consciously or unconsciously: from getting up from bed or pressing snooze, to eating dry noodles or soup, to saying something or keeping it to myself, etc. Every moment of life presents a choice. Some important choices, however, require more thought, energy, prayer and reflection. Whether we navigate career crossroads, relationship twists and turns, or the question of vocation, knowing the “will of God” is oftentimes challenging. This retreat introduces the art of spiritual discernment to help participants make good and wise personal choices daily, and so to prepare them for major life-changing, life-shaping decisions.

Here at the Cenacle, the Sisters strive daily to discover and develop unique retreats to help you & your community deepen faith and so find God in all things and time. You can be sure that every programme is a fruit of our prayer,  lived experiences and our intimate relationship with Jesus. 

If you like to be updated on our retreats and programmes, please complete this form to be notified via email. 


29 August to 1 September 2024

3rd SUNDAY at the Cenacle


This is an afternoon of prayer, reflection  & Eucharistic adoration; an invitation to all who need a breathing space and time out with the Lord on a Sunday afternoon. Each session will be facilitated by a Cenacle Sister.

Date: every 3rd Sunday of each month  

Time: 2pm – 430pm

January: Cenacle House - confirmed

February: Church of The Holy Family - confirmed

March : Join us for Paschal Triduum (28-31 March)

21 April:  Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace - confirmed 
21 July: Church of St. Bernadette - confirmed (1-3pm)
18 Aug:
 St. Anne's Church -confirmed (2-4pm)

Contribution:  Love Offering

Praying the Desires of My Heart

2-3 November @Montfort

PASCAL TRIDUUM​  (Holy Week Retreat)
28-31 March 2024  @LaSalle House

Produced and facilitated by the team of Cenacle Sisters, the program includes:
1. daily individual consultation with an assigned Cenacle Sister
2. suggestions for guided prayer points
3. Morning prayers and Triduum Liturgies

​​What makes you keep watching K-dramas? 
When something moves you, how do you bring it to prayer?
In this retreat, we will reflect on and pray with common K-drama themes--how do they affect us, how do they affirm our worldview or open us to seeing things differently, and how do they strengthen or challenge our faith perspective.
This retreat, therefore, is for the K-drama enthusiast who truly desires to deepen his/her relationship with God, and to "find God in all things.”

Past Programmes !


12 October (Saturday) ,  230pm to 5pm

For young women between 21-35yo.

There is no structure to this afternoon but only to allow OUR CURIOSITY FLOW ! ​
Ask all your difficult questions that can you discern your vocation and bond with Sisters to experience their joy in this act of self-giving to Jesus and his Church.

This afternoon will also give the Sisters in Singapore community an opportunity to hear from the you and how we may continue to respond to the spiritual needs of our time. Let us learn from one another.

Spiritual Directors:  
Cenacle Sisters and team, and Jesuit Fathers from Seven Fountains Retreat Center        

2-9 December 2024 -   Eight full days Retreat
Contribution: S$1,230.00 per person (exclude airfare). Check in on 1 Dec and check out on 10Dec.


5-9 December 2024  - Five full days Retreat
Contribution: S$910.00 per person (exclude airfare). Check in on 4 Dec and check out on 10Dec.

Current Programmes !

19-21 April 2024​   ​@  LaSalle House

“I want to learn how to pray, but how do I begin?”
Many of us long to learn how to pray; to know how to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

We try different methods, look for guides, search far and wide. But the best way to begin this journey is to be and to be with ourselves. We are called to be ourselves before God – to pray as we are.

God, too, longs for us, to know us, to be with us, as we are. This is how the relationship begins. This is how we learn to pray.

Facilitated by Cenacle Sr. Bubbles and team, the retreat will include input sessions, personal prayer time, spiritual direction, faith-sharing. 


with Sr. Yna Oñate, rc

28-29 September 2024 @Montfort Centre

This beach retreat is designed to help participants rest and reconnect with God.  Through an arrangement of simple leisure activities, prayer and reflection, these days hope to find God in all things & time. Accompanied by Cenacle Sr. Kriz & team, the daily guided group retreat includes morning & evening prayer sessions, daily spiritual input, prayer points for personal quiet time, faith sharing, and spiritual direction. 

Participants need to be minimum 21years old,  have general physical well-being for the travel and a friendly orientation towards  nature / creatures.

Beyond K-drama: Faith and Personal Worldviews
24-25 August, 2024 @ La Salle House


17-18 February 2024 @LaSalle House
It is an invitation to reclaim the truth of our Belovedness. As Henri Nouwen said,

Our true spiritual work has to do with letting ourselves be loved fully, completely by God and to trust that in this Love,

we come to the fulfillment of our vocation.

Check in on 17 February, 2024 at 8am; session begins at 9am
Check out on 18 February after Sunday evening mass at 430pm.

QUIETING THE SOUL: ADVENT 2024 @ChiangMai, Thailand 

"Never Alone": Praying the Single Life

19-20 October 2024

@LaSalle House

“Never Alone”: Praying the Single Life
Are you single-for-now, single-for good, a single parent or perhaps a widow/er?
This retreat could be for you. Come and pray your life as a single person. Uncover the challenges, gifts and blessings of singleness and be enriched by them. You are never alone.  A great Love offers you a deep connection with yourself and the world. It always, always surrounds you. 

5-8 May 2024​​;    Sunday - Wednesday

Take a breather with the Lord. 
This retreat aims  to help young adults grow & deepen their faith in spite of a busy lifestyle.  Through an arrangement of rest and leisure activities, these days hope to rediscover one's blessedness and learn what it means to live a life of discernment.

Accompanied by Cenacle Sr. Kriz & team, the daily guided group retreat includes morning & evening prayer sessions, spiritual input and prayer points given for the day, faith sharing & spiritual direction.

Venue : Bintan (exact location will be confirmed at orientation)
Orientation date (compulsory): 28 April , 230-5pm
Dates of retreat : 5-8 May , 2024 (Sunday to Wednesday)
Price / retreatant: beginning from S$650  (est. $165/day include return ferry, land transfers, twin-sharing room and  meals - breakfast and dinner).

Please note that all retreats & details are subject to change, kindly follow us on Facebook or this webpage for updates and registration. 

We are a mesh of desires. Often we dismiss these desires because they seem to be inescapably linked to worldliness. We need to listen to our desires, to treat them with the respect they deserve. Our desires mark us. They identify us. They tell us who we are as persons-in-relationship. In the deepest of our longings, we realize it is God we seek. And in our seeking, it is God who finds us. God meets us desire for desire. This retreat is an invitation to pray the desires of our heart, and to see the ways in which they relate with discernment and spirituality.