21 – 31 July 2023


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A weekend of Prayer and Reflection on the different "terrains" of our spiritual life.  Each session will reflect on the landscapes of our different life experiences and will invite us to look more deeply at the way God was present in those  experiences, and how they have impacted us and our relationships.  

This weekend, which begins Friday evening, and ends with lunch on Sunday, will include times of silence and prayer.  Personal spiritual direction will also be available for those who desire accompaniment during this time.

This retreat is facilitated by Sr. Linda Lizada, rc & Team.
Dates: 14-16 July

The weekend on The Midlife Transition, and entering into the Second Half of Life, will try to articulate what happens during this time of assessing how we have lived our lives up till this point, and how we would like to spend the rest of our years.  It will address some of the questions which come up as we experience the transition: questions about identity, our relationships, the meaning and fruitfulness of our life.  We will also look at some unfinished business of the past, perhaps addressing areas where we might need healing and reconciliaton.  The approach to this programme is psycho-spiritual but the underlying assumption is that at this point in our lives, we are being invited into a spiritual journey.  

There will be opportunity for personal prayer and reflection and also a team who will be available for spiritual direction and/or personal consultation.    

Fees include meals, accommodation in hotel (twin room) or in religious communities (quadruple, triple, double), return airfares and land transfers in Vietnam. 

25-30 July [Silent Directed Retreat @Ho Chi Minh]

COME AWAY and spend five full days of quiet prayer, solitude and rest with God in a sanctuary of peace in Vietnam, in Cao Thai Retreat Centre. Cao Thai is located in Ho Chi Minh city yet away from the bustle and noise of city life. It is surrounded by greeneries around the retreat centre. 


Contribution fee  includes all meals,  single rooming with attached bathroom, spiritual accompaniment.

Fees and Registration

Pilgrimage Tour and Five full days Retreat: S$1,700 per person (with aircon)  or S$1,600 per person (w/o aircon). A non-refundable deposit of SGD700/person will be requested upon confirmation. Return airfares are included.

All confirmed participants are to attend the ORIENTATION programme on Saturday, 24 June, 2-5pm @ St Yon in St Patrick School. Programme is facilitated by Sr. Francisca Tan, RC and team.

​Limited places, please book early.  Registration will close by 15 May or when we reach the limited places. 
Full programme details are here.  ​Further enquiries : cenaclesingapore@gmail.com

Spend eight or five days of quiet prayer and solitude with God in a sanctuary of peace in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  A Spiritual Director will accompany you as you journey into your own heart and into the heart of God. 
This quality time with God will be spent in “listening” to God’s voice – through His words, movements in your heart, the wonders of nature and in the silence. The retreat hopefully would help you be in touch with that One Love we all desire – God!


This retreat is designed for active servers and/or those taking a break from ministry to grow & deepen our relationship with self and with God. Through an arrangement of rest and simple leisure activities, these days of reflection and prayer hope to find God in all things & time. Accompanied by Cenacle Sr. Kriz & team, the daily guided group retreat includes morning & evening prayer sessions, daily spiritual input, prayer points for  personal quiet time, faith sharing, and spiritual direction. 

Venue : Bintan (exact location to be confirmed)
Orientation date (compulsory attendance): 10 September, 2pm-530pm
Dates of retreat : 21 - 24 September, 2023 (Thurs - Sun)
Basic package : S$600 per participant (include return ferry, land transfers, basic twin-sharing room, all breakfasts and dinners, retreat materials & use of conference room). Contribution fee does not include lunches, stipends to retreat facilitator and spiritual director, personal travel insurance, and any add-on activities. This retreat is open to  individuals, dating / married couples and ages above 21 years old.

For a better rest, you may wish to consider an upgrade of your room. please see details in the registration form.

Take a holiday with the Lord. 
This retreat aims  to help young adults grow & deepen their faith in spite of a busy lifestyle.  Through an arrangement of fun, rest and leisure activities, these days hope to find God in all things & time.

Accompanied by Cenacle Sr. Kriz & team, the daily guided group retreat includes morning & evening prayer sessions, spiritual input and prayer points given for the day, faith sharing & spiritual direction (upon request).

Venue : Bintan (exact location will be confirmed at orientation)
Orientation date (compulsory): May 7, 3-5pm
Dates of retreat : May 12-14, 2023 (Fri - Sun)
Price / retreatant: S$450  (include return ferry, land transfers, twin-sharing room & meals except Sunday lunch)
Please register  before 30 March, 2023.​


Option 1: Morning sessions
Date : First session on 16 Feb till  20 Apr 2023,

Time: 9:30am to 11:30am


Venue: LaSalle Center, 490 East Coast Road
Option 2: Evening sessions
Date:  First session on 16 Feb till  20 Apr 2023,

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm 
Venue: CANA - the Catholic Centre, 55 Waterloo St

Contribution: $250


This programme is facilitated by Sr Linda Lizada, rc & team

Dates: 10-12 Nov; Venue: La Salle House

First Session begins at 8pm on Friday; Check out after Sunday lunch.

Mass is included

Spiritual Directors:  
Cenacle Sisters and team, and Jesuit Fathers from Seven Fountains Retreat Center        

Option 1:  26 Nov  to 5 Dec, 2023  Eight full days Retreat
Contribution: S$1,200.00 per person (exclude airfare)

Nine nights single-room accommodation at Seven Fountains Retreat Center (8 full days for retreat)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the Center
Spiritual direction


Option 2:  29 Nov  to 5 Dec, 2023   Five full days Retreat
Contribution: S$880.00 per person (exclude airfare)

Six nights single-room accommodation at Seven Fountains Retreat Center (5 full days for retreat)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the Center
Spiritual direction


Option 3: 7 Dec  to 13 Dec, 2023   Five full days Retreat
Contribution: S$880.00 per person (exclude airfare)

Six nights single-room accommodation at Seven Fountains Retreat Center (5 full days for retreat)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the Center
Spiritual direction

Please register before 9 August, 2023. 

QUIETING THE SOUL: ADVENT 2023 @ChiangMai, Thailand 

Date: 12 February, 2023
Time: 230-5pm
Venue: TBA via SMS​


More than just a show, movies have the power to ignite within us an ability to connect with self, others and even God.  In this afternoon of R&R with spiritual conversations, we invite young women who have a desire to listen more and discern deeper into their vocation and call of God.  

"How do I give MORE of myself within my own existing context?"


 Everyone's journey may be different yet we need to identify landmarks as affirmative guide.  

Let us pray together. Let us accompany one another.

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 No more sessions for last quarter of 2023

All are encouraged to join us for Advent Recollection

Afternoon of prayer, faith sharing & Eucharistic adoration.
Date: 3rd Sunday of each month  

Time: 2.30 – 5.00 pm

Venue: to be advised upon receipt of registration

Contribution:  Love Offering





Mornings of prayer, reflection and sharing for women.
​Please call to confirm session. ​For further inquiries, please contact:
​​Tel: 92985808 
Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 9.30 - 11.30 am
Venue: La Salle Centre, 490 East Coast Rd or via Zoom
Contribution: Love Offering


Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

This retreat is facilitated by Sr. Linda Lizada, rc & Team.
Recommended age: 40 yrs to below 60yrs old ​
Dates:  8-10 Sept

​A ten-week programme based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, which enables one to know Jesus Christ more intimately in the midst of life's daily routine. It includes a weekly meeting of faith sharing, daily prayer using Scripture, and spiritual direction.  It falls within the Lent season, the retreat theme of “Journeying from Ashes to Easter” would be a timely opportunity for us to deepen our Lenten pilgrimage. By Cenacle Sister Francisca and team.


For young women between 21-35yo.

August 12, 2023    SATURDAY  |  230-5pm @Cenacle 

There is no structure to this afternoon but only to allow OUR CURIOSITY FLOW ! ​
Ask all your difficult questions:
    Are religious still relevant to the world these days? 
    Why are the Cenacle Sisters not dressed in a habit? 
    What brings them joy? What is their daily routine? 
    How do they honour their individuality and personalities?

    How does one discern?  Is it possible to bond with Christ at a personal level?

This afternoon will give the Sisters in Singapore community an opportunity to hear from the young and how they may continue to respond to the spiritual needs of our time. Let us learn from one another.

This program includes a 4-Day pilgrimage tour before the start of a 5-Day silent retreat in Cao Thai Retreat Centre, Ho Chi Minh city.  Here is a summary of the programme:

21-24 July [Ho Chi Minh – Dalat – Ho Chi Minh]
* Ho Chi Minh City tour: Basilica Notre-Dame, Central Post Office, the Theater, the China Town and Ben Thanh market. 
* Visit Dalat sightseeings, churches and religious communities – Chicken church, Domaine de Marie, du Sinh, Don Bosco, Sacred Heart; enjoy the sights of Lang Biang mountain. 
* Visit the special church typical and ethnically in Don Duong, Ka Đon church and the Shrine of Our Lady in Nui 

In this retreat, we will reflect on and pray with common K-drama themes--how do they affect us, how do they affirm our worldview or open us to seeing things differently, and how do they strengthen or challenge our faith perspective.
This retreat, therefore, is for the K-drama enthusiast who also truly desires to deepen his/her relationship with God.

Venue: Church of the Holy Family, Pastoral Centre Level 3
Check-in: 8am, Session begins at 830am
Check out: 5pm
We will join the parish for Vigil Mass at 530pm. This retreat is facilitated by Sr. Linda Lizada, rc & Team.