MAY 2017
The Spirituality Of Work : Labour, Toil  and/or Passion?

by Sr. Linda Lizada, rc  & Team

Date                     :       12 May (8.00pm) to  14 May (1.00pm)
Venue                 :        Choice House, 47 Jurong West, St 42
Contribution   :       $200
This weekend of prayer invites you to reflect on work from seeing how God works and labours in all creation, and how we are invited to participate in God’s passion for giving life in this manner. You will also be encouraged to regard work in light of Romans 8:22, as “one great act of giving birth.” 

​PRAYING OUR LIFE'S QUESTIONS :  A Vocation Recollection 
by Cenacle Sisters

Date                     :       20 May (9.00am) -
                                        21 May (1.00pm)
Venue                  :       Choice House, 47 Jurong West, St 42
Contribution   :       Love Offering

This retreat will help young women pray and discern some common questions: What will I do with my life? Is this all there is to life? Does God have a plan for me? It offers you a glimpse into one life option - religious life in the Cenacle, by providing you information and experiences about the Sisters.  Open only to single women, baptised Catholics, 21-35 years old .

JULY 2017

ART & SOUL:    A way to God through Art

by Cenacle Sisters & team

Date                     :       21 July (8pm)  to 23 July (1pm) 
Venue                 :        Montfort Spirituality Centre
Contribution   :       $350 (includes materials)
See how art, life & creativity can lead to "finding God in all things". This is not an art workshop, but a time for prayer & reflection, non-artists are most welcome.

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Grieving: A Way to Healing
by Sr, Mel Benedictos and Team

Date                      :      11-13 August 2017
Venue                   :       Montfort Spirituality Centre

Time                      :       Friday, 8:00 pm to Sunday, 1:00 pm
Contribution    :       $250

This retreat will offer ways of dealing with unfinished business of the past to discover the grace coming from past hurts.  Participants learn how healing comes through grieving and saying goodbye to these experiences of the past.  

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Srs. Francisca Tan and Linda Lizada

Dates                   :  postponed (to be advised)
Venue                  :   Cana, Waterloo Street

These conversations are for those who have experienced directed retreats, who might be considering some form of silent retreat, and for those who have indicated a desire to know more about this particular way of deepening one’s spiritual life.


by  Sr. Linda Lizada and Team

Date                     :     10-12 November 2017
Venue                  :      Montfort Spirituality Centre
Time                     :      Friday, 8:00 pm to Sunday, 1:00 pm
Contribution   :      $250

This weekend programme will invite participants to enter into a personal relationship with God who desires this relationship with us.  It will include times for praying with suggested points, ways of remembering these moments and the means for habitually living in God’s presence.  


Quieting The Soul (QTS): Directed Retreat at Chiangmai, Thailand

Spend 8 or 5 days of quiet prayer and solitude with God in a sanctuary of peace in Chiangmai, Thailand. A Spiritual Director will accompany you as you journey into your own heart & into the heart of God. This quality time with God will be spent in "listening" to God's voice - through his Word, movements in your heart, the wonders of nature & in the silence. The retreat will hopefully help you to be in touch with the ONE LOVE we all desire - God!

Dates                  : Dec 1 to 10, 2017    (for 8 days retreat)

                               :  Dec 4 to 10, 2017   (for 5 days retreat)

Contribution  : S$650 / person (for 8 days retreat)

                                  S$550 / person (for 5 days retreat)

* contribution does not include airfare, taxes, transportation to / from airports,

   gratuities (tips to porters, service staff etc)

APRIL 2017

COME AWAY:   A retreat for Young Adults (aged 21-40 yrs old)
by Sr. Kriz 

Date                    :       28 Apr to 1 May (4D/3N)
Venue                 :       Bintan 

Price                    :       S$450 / person 

Feeling tired? Desiring a peaceful break? Where are you heading? Searching for clarity in life? Take a holiday with the Lord in prayer, reflection & faith sharing. This retreat is designed to help young adults grow & deepen their faith in spite of  a busy lifestyle.  Through an arrangement of fun, rest and leisure activities, these days hope to find God in all things & time. 

Accompanied by Cenacle Sr. Kriz, the daily guided group retreat includes morning & evening prayer sessions, spiritual input for the day, faith sharing & spiritual direction (upon request).

 Take a glimpse into this retreat past:

MARCH 2017


by Cenacle Sisters

Date                    :       5 Mar

Time                    :       9.30 am - 5 pm

Venue                 :       Cenacle, 47 Jurong West St. 42

Contribution  :       Love Offering

"Come back to me",  a familiar refrain during Lent is a call to deeper conversion. This one day of recollection will help us journey through the Lenten season with a deeper sense of coming back to the Lord.

2017 Retreats & Workshops

Young Adults:

Please leave us an email if you wish to be contacted for our next "Come Away" retreat

Private Retreats​

Spiritual Direction, private directed retreats, guided retreats and group recollections

are also available upon request. 

Please contact the Cenacle Sisters

for more information.

Tel: (65) 6565 2895, (65) 9722 3148


​Third Sunday Upper Room Gathering 

by Cenacle Sisters and Team 

Date                    :       3rd Sunday of each month

                                       (2:30pm – 5:00pm)
Venue                 :        Cenacle, 47 Jurong West, St 42

Contribution  :       Love Offering

Afternoons of prayer, sharing faith and Eucharistic adoration at the Cenacle.
Contribution: Love offering


Time With God (TWG)

Date                    :        Every Wednesdays 

                                         (9:30am – 11.30am)
Venue                 :        Cenacle, 47 Jurong West, St 42
Contribution  :       Love Offering

Mornings of prayer, reflection and sharing for women.



by Sr. Linda Lizada, r.c. & team

Date                     :       20 Jan (8pm) to 22 Jan (1pm)

Venue                 :       47 Jurong West, St  42
Contribution   :      $200

This programme helps us with our dreams, to understand their symbolic language, listen to & experience them as a way in which the Divine can speak to us. Participants are to bring a significant dream to work on.


by Cenacle Sisters & team

Date                     :       10 Feb (8pm) to 12 Feb (1pm)
Venue                 :       Choice House,47 Jurong West, St  42
Contribution   :      $200

Retreat to help understand aspects of human sexuality from a developmental perspective, how sexuality helps us grow in self-intimacy, intimacy with others, God & all creation.


by Cenacle Sisters & team

Date                     :     Beginning Feb 13 – Apr 17 (every Monday) 

Time                     :     7.15pm to 9.30pm
Venue                  :     Sts. Peter and Paul,  225A Queen Street
Contribution   :      $200        

A ten-week programme based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, which enables one to know Jesus Christ more intimately in the midst of the daily routine of life. It includes a weekly meeting of faith sharing, daily prayer using Scripture, and spiritual direction.  As the At Home Retreat period falls within the Lent season, the retreat theme of “Journeying from Ashes to Easter” would be a timely opportunity for us to deepen our Lenten pilgrimage.